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BRaven 4:08 PM
All well Bud,all for the clan
Ackir 16th Feb
Thx a lot for your support guys!!
MadMan 16th Feb
oh yes ... i know !!!
nigeluk 16th Feb
no prob bud you knows we are here for the clan
MadMan 15th Feb
thanks Braven and Nigel for donations guys , it is apreciated !!

38 years old tomorrow
MaD's Team Speak
Welcome to  MaD Tactical Clan  Website!

  Join us on the game server MaD Crouch Server TDM (IP and our Teamspeak 3 server      ( ) for some friendly conversation, fun and banter! 

   MaD welcomes all tactical players to enjoy and socialize on the game server, website

   and teamspeak, and ask only for people to follow the rules and be respectful. Please

   enjoy and remember to comment on your experience in the forum and let us know how

   we are doing. Any appeals or disagreements can be discussed on the forum. We are

   now recruiting, so please take the time to visit the recruiting area in the forum and

   introduce yourself or click on the recruitment box at the top right of the page.

  We are donation driven, so feel free to donate to ensure the continuation of this great


  Have fun!!

                                Server Rules and Clarifications

  Rule 1
  This is a tactical server - crouch only, unless under direct fire.

  - Running from Killstreaks is allowed (airstrikes, rcxd, dogs…)

  - Standing is allowed, and you can take a FEW SLOW steps to look out of a

   window or look over an object. It's allowed to walk a few step from window to window .

  - A single shift sprint is allowed to jump over railings and obstacles.

  Rule 2
  Pistols are NOT allowed to be used and the 2nd Chance Perk is forbidden.

 Rule 3

  NO random fire:

  - Random fire includes the use of grenades, crossbow bolts, nova gas and

   ‘walling’ (randomly shooting through walling hoping for something).

  - Visual, Radar, and Audible confirmation has to be achieved before firing or

   throwing (flash bangs are NOT considered confirmation of an enemy).

  - Firing or throwing through smoke is not permitted. A brief burst is allowed

   if an enemy was spotted prior to smoke. Radar is a confirmation in this


  - Firing through walls if you spotted an enemy visually, audibly or with radar

   is allowed. This includes grenades. PRO TIP: help confirm audible clues

   using the ESC key to see if it is friend or enemy (mini map).

  Rule 4
No spawn killing:

  - If you see someone spawn, leave them be and give them a chance.

  - Camping Tactical Insertions are not allowed. Destroy the TI or move on.

  - TI can also be destroyed by hit (use key) if you pass by it  (it's faster ) .. but it doesn't  destroy if  your too far .

  Rule 5
  Please respect all players. This includes no use of foul language. Please follow

  the guidance of admins.


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